Support for Ukraine

As a private university, we pride ourselves in offering prestigious programmes combining theory and practical training within the arts in both Czech and the English language! We are also dedicated in offering personal support and integration opportunities for students coming from abroad to study at PSCC. Due to the unresolved situation in Ukraine, we are committed in helping those who are affected by the war by welcoming you to our university and to our city of Prague.

For support, we are offering:

  1. A ‘Buddy Programme’ to pair you with one of our existing Ukrainian students who can help to integrate you into our university and our community of creatives
  2. Provide free English and Czech language courses in preparation for your admissions interview and to make you feel comfortable to study in your chosen language
  3. Offer a scholarship of 20% discount on your chosen tuition payment.

We are also here to personally assist you with all stages of the application process and with helping you to find suitable accommodation in Prague.

For those of you who do not speak Czech, we are pleased to open our BA Programmes for you in English! Our specializations include:

Marketing and Advertising

Visual Arts

Creative Writing

Programmes in Czech


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